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 A Better Place, A Better Time [C Rank Request]

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PostSubject: A Better Place, A Better Time [C Rank Request]   Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:42 pm

Destroy a streetlight, really?  Really?  Baal scratched the back of his head trying to comprehend the idea of destroying a streetlight and the necessity to do so.  What significance would a normal streetlight have for the client, Mani Festo?  Who named their child that?  Must they have hated their child?  Questions for later.  

After having spoken to the employer and with Baal insulting the man for the stupid job, Baal found himself on the street during the middle of the night.  The lights flickered as he walked down the street with the offending streetlight.  Seeing the offending streetlight, Baal groans as light appeared over his right arm, covering his arm in a metal coating with a large 6 foot long weapon in his right hand.  While wielded in his right hand, he didn't appear to have any problems carrying it.  

Baal made his way towards the offending streetlight and stopped directly in front of it, casting his gaze upwards to get a good look at the streetlight.  It looked like your run-of-the-mill streetlight; no idea what it's done to piss off Mani Festo.  With a shrug of his shoulders, Baal put his left hand upon the long handle of the blade and just before he was about to swing, a scream could be heard from someone in the darkness.  Turning his eyes in the direction of the screaming, Baal groaned and shifted his attention towards the screaming Banshee headed his way.  "Great, the Road Warrior has appeared."

After appearing, the man stopped and took a breather, attempting to regain what stamina he had.  "What... are you... doing out here?" the man asked between inhales of breath.  Baal looked at the man and burst into laughter.  If this man couldn't take a little sprint without breathing heavily, what's he going to do to defend this light post.  "I'm out on a casual stroll."

"With... your sword?" he asked.  

"Yeah.  Can't be too careful right?"  

"True...  But I... had a tip... that someone would... violate the property... upon this... street," he said before removing his no-dachi from his back where it was connected by leather straps and only leather straps.  He held the weapon in his hands firmly before clearing his throat and took an offensive posture.  His heavy breathing seemed to go away and had a look of resolve firmly planted upon his face.

"Seriously?  You're going to defend this light pole?  You're an idiot for protecting this thing, but let's do this," he said before holding his weapon out in a defensive manner.  Pulling the large blade back, Baal took a step forward and created a large arcing strike from overhead, causing the large no-dachi to be used to parry the attack.  This instantly caused the man to recoil from the weight of the blade.  With a kick, the man created distance between himself and Baal only to lash out afterward.

Baal placed his weapon upon his shoulder and simply ducked, dodged, and weaved around the blade of this rather skillful warrior.  Baal's cockiness is beginning to show as he started to twirl around in an insulting manner.  Every time the warrior lunged forward, Baal simply moved to the side.  However, with a stroke of luck, the man's blade found it's way into Baal's hip, causing him to shout out in pain and moving down to a knee.  

Breathing heavily, the 'Road Warrior' nodded his head as if to approve of what happened.  "Justice always prevails," stated to 'Road Warrior'.  This caused Baal to laugh, only causing more pain where his new wound was.  "Justice prevails.  Right.  With all of the injustices in this world, you think justice prevailed by protecting a simple streetlight?  You're more of a brainwashed moron than I thought," he said before standing up.  Realizing that the Streetlight, in question, was directly behind him, Baal gripped his weapon in his hand and looked at the Road Warrior with a little grin.  

A quick stroke from his blade caused the streetlight behind him to begin falling.  As the streetlight fell, it landed upon the road with a loud and exquisite crash.  Glass flew everywhere!  This attracted the attention of the Road Warrior, giving Baal and opportunity to thrust his large blade into his gut.  Normally, a person wouldn't be alive after getting stabbed with such a large weapon.  His blood trickled down the edge of Baal's blade before he pulled the weapon out, forcing both of them to their knees.  

Now the two of them began to breathe heavily as they both began to grow pale from either intense pain or rapid blood loss.  "What do you know about justice?  People die every die for stupid reasons and you want to call that justice?  People die of starvation every day while others eat comfortably and get fat.  Most people scrape by while others live lavishly by taking advantage of others.  The good die young while the evil flourish.  What kind of justice is this to you?  I mean, a moron like you is going to die because you're protecting a stupid streetlight."

"But aren't you the son of.."

"Yeah. I'm the son of Marivel Heavy Industries.  How do you think I know about the injustices in this world?" he said with a big grin upon his face.  Marivel Heavy Industries can be seen as 'Merchants of Death' who make money off of war and other people's misery.  So if anyone knows about the world's injustices, it's Baal.  However, instead of taking the heroic path that this man has, he embraced the fact that there are injustices in this world and will use them to his advantage; to forward himself.

"You bastard," the Road Warrior stated before forcing himself up to his feet with a large, gaping hole in his chest and gut.  The hole was nearly the size of his entire torso, having damaged his heart and lungs, and his entire digestive tract, but it's whatever.  "I won't let your injustices..." he said before pausing for a moment.  Baal can be seen behind the man now.  A deep breath was taken as the Grandleon and the Technical Arm vanish away into light; dissipating like white angel feathers.  A fountain of blood spilled out from where the Road Warrior's head used to be, causing the torso to fall to it's knees and then flat upon it's back with the disembodied head falling on top of it soon after.

"So much for your justice, moron.  If there was justice in this world, you would have won," he said before reaching into his coat pocket and pulled out a card.  Pulling out a single card, he placed it upon the fallen body of the Road Warrior with the emblem facing upward.  "And people like me wouldn't have to exist."

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A Better Place, A Better Time [C Rank Request]
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