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 Working Class (Job/Solo)

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PostSubject: Working Class (Job/Solo)   Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:21 am

Ami never understood what waitresses do. She knew that they served customers and took orders for food but that was the pique of her knowledge. She hoped that today would give her more knowledge on this occupation. She headed off to the tavern around 9 in the evening. The sun was setting as dusk closed in. The blue sky slowly darkened before the moon and the stars appeared. A cool breeze settled down over Magnolia as she reached the Tavern. She shivered slightly as the wind blew on her bare skin and also because of the fact she was slightly nervous of this job.

She spoke with the owner about the job and was given a uniform. After quickly changing into it, she was given a brief tour of the tavern, which was quite small. She also was given a quick example of how to take orders from the customer. Ami smiled at herself, she was slightly amused since often, and due to the fact she hated taking orders from people. However this put the definition more literal as she was taking people’s orders. She didn’t mind taking orders in this way fortunately, otherwise it would have caused some interesting drama and probably force her fail her job, which she didn’t want.

Surprisingly it wasn’t too hard to wait on tables. She simply needed to seat some customers, take their orders and bring out their food and drinks. Most of the customers fortunately seemed quite polite to her. They were patient when she made mistakes, and didn’t complain much. She did however encounter a few trouble customers who were impatient and complained about her poor job quite often, however Ami bit her lip as she struggled to keep her temper in control. She simply gave a fake wide smile to those who were being rude and shouted colorful things to them in her head in an angry fit.

After taking countless orders, a few more accidental mistakes, a handful of quite rude customers that she had to deal with, it turn 6 AM, the time in which she was allowed to finish the night shift and finally return back home to her guild.  After returned the uniform she was wearing back to the management, she confronted the owner about this job. He commented how she did pretty well for her first time despite her many blunders, he then said that if she would get a few more night’s practice she would have been a pro. She thanked him before she left with her reward. Ami stifled a yawn since she had stayed up much later than what her usual sleeping schedule called for. She saunter off back to the guild ready for her much needed and much deserved shut-eye.

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Working Class (Job/Solo)
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