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 How To Be A Role Model [Job/Private]

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PostSubject: How To Be A Role Model [Job/Private]   Sun Dec 20, 2015 3:08 am

Finally, time for Raiken to do what every other wizard does to earn a lot of money, as well as a good time: Job. He was pretty new to that kind of stuff, so he made sure to take an easy one. He was going to take a little girl around town to show her how to be a real mage. It didn’t sound difficult at all. Raiken was cool with it, but Rengoku wasn’t that satisfied. “Come on, are you seriously just going to follow a girl around the city?” he asked with a disappointed tone. He expected that jobs would be more… intense. “You know, it’s my first quest and I really want to complete it.” Raiken replied, looking forward to this job.

He arrived at the front of the house, where this girl and her family resided. He didn’t manage to knock on the door, before the mother opened it and greeted: “Oh, hello! You must be the mage that they sent! Maria, come over here, it’s time to leave!” A little girl appeared behind the mother a few moments after. “Hi! Will you learn me how to be a mage?” she politely asked. Raiken looked down at her and answered: “Alright, I’ll show you what I can! Follow me!” With the girl holding his hand, he left the house as the mother said: “Remember to be back at home before it turns dark, darling!”

“I can’t lie; I feel very bored right now…” Rengoku suddenly commented, making Raiken’s hand light up green. Maria seemed to notice it. “Who was that?” she asked curiously. “Oh, ehh… that’s my magic. You know, all mages have some kind of magic that they use.” he began to explain, reaching out his hand, “If you want to be a mage, you shall get your own magic. It can be pretty dangerous sometimes, so you got to be able to fight.” "Oh, can I learn it now? Can I?” she asked, jumping up, “I really, really want my own magic!” “Oh, not now, you’re too young, girl!” he replied, “But who knows, maybe one day, you’ll be a very strong mage!” “Yeah, you can go out and slay everyone, if you get strong enough. Hehe!” Rengoku said, grinning. “Hey Rengoku, you can’t say that to her!” Raiken rebuked him, but the girl seemed not to remember what he said. She was more interested in that Raiken’s hand could talk at all. “What’s wrong with your hand?” she cutely asked him. “Nothing, it’s just my magic.” he answered, “Take a look.” His hand suddenly turned red and shiny, slowly turning into a lizard-like hand with claws and a green eye-looking ball on the middle. “This is one of the many magics that you can learn - when you get older.” he said. Maria was very surprised, and impressed. “That’s so cool! So you can turn into a lizard?” she asked. Raiken scratched his head, while replying: “Eh, kinda, but I can do more.” He pointed at the sky with his lizard hand, as a red light appeared on it. He quickly moved it forward and launched a red wave up to the sky. The girl had her eyes locked on it. “That’s also something that you will learn - when you get older.” he said, as his hand turned normal again, “Well, it’s getting dark. Let’s go back!” Maria smiled happily and took his hand. “Wow, you’re so strong! I want to be just as strong as you!” Raiken couldn’t but feel flattered by that…

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How To Be A Role Model [Job/Private]
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