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 Shopping Partner (Job/Solo)

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PostSubject: Shopping Partner (Job/Solo)   Sat Dec 19, 2015 10:51 am

Ami never met her grandparents before. They all died before she was born. Today however, she would have a taste at how it is like having a grandmother. She went to a nice elderly lady’s house name Agatha to help her go grocery shopping. When she arrived at her house, Ami escorted her to the local grocery store which wasn’t far at all; rather it was simply down the street of where she lived. However, it took quite a while to get down there since Agatha moved slowly. Ami usually didn’t have a long patience however; she was willing to suppress her annoyance and anger for this woman only. After five minutes they arrived at the store.

She took a shopping cart and began to follow her around the store. She waited quietly as Agatha picked up a singular fruit or vegetable, inspected it for a full minute before she decided it she liked it or not .If she liked it put it in the shopping cart. If she didn’t like it, she simply placed it back. However, she often seemed to dislike a certain fruit or vegetable more often than she liked it. After an hour, they merely had 3 pieces of fruit and 1 vegetable in the cart. Ami’s patience was running thin, however she continued to follow wherever the old woman wanted to go.

The two also chatted a bit while they were at it. Agatha talked a bit about her family, about her deceased husband and her grandkids. Ami was surprisingly in a deep conversation with her about her family as well. She did not lie at all, she revealed how her grandparents died before she was born and the tragedy of her parents. However the old woman simply put a hand on her shoulder before saying that it was alright, that she would be her mock grandmother if she wanted.

Ami looked at the woman in shock. She never believed that this woman would be this kind and understanding. She thanked her and they continued shopping. After that point, grocery shopping seemed much more interesting to Ami than it did before they talked about their family members. They both seemed to enjoy themselves greatly as they shopped. Finally, around sundown the two left the store, Ami held the bags of food while she help escort Agatha back to her house which seemed to take much quicker than it did before.

When they finally arrived back, Agatha thanked her for her help and gave her a hug. She was shocked by this but hugged her back as well. She felt money being pressed into the palm of her hand as Agatha gave her a quick wink and she laughed as she walked back to the guild, happy that she could finally have the grandmother she never had before.

WC: 472 (Diligent WC Discount 10%)

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Shopping Partner (Job/Solo)
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