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 I Hate Dogs [Find the Puppy/D rank/Solo]

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Lilly Rose Hazel-Rin


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PostSubject: I Hate Dogs [Find the Puppy/D rank/Solo]   Sat Dec 19, 2015 10:16 am

Find the Puppy:

This job was far worse than any she ever had to deal with, a small child was crying in front of her begging her to help him find the dog that he had lost. Cringing unpleasantly, Lilly hated the idea of helping a kid find anything of the canine species as flashbacks began to take her back to that graphic scene. She sighed and shook her head as she once again tried to pull herself back from those horrid thoughts of Granny’s mutilated body. “P-please miss I was walking him about when I suddenly lost him in the main market please he has never been on his own for an entire day lady.” The boy began to ball into her stomach now as she cringed disliking the sensation of someone now physically touching her least of all for comfort. She squirmed and wiggled loose till finally she held the boy at arms length. “Ok, ok, ok I will go locate your dog but you have to promise me that you will wait in one place till I find him so that way I know where to bring back … “What exactly is your its name?” She furrowed her brow still a bit uncomfortable with the ordeal why on earth couldn’t it have been a lost kitten those she liked.

“H-his name is Otis a-and he is a small doggy with a long coat of hair,” he once again tried to fall against her stomach to cry this time being caught outside of arm's reach of the boy. “Woah now little guy ok here is the deal how about I leave you here with your mother right?” She said looking up at the older woman who nodded. “And how about she goes and gets you some ice cream I’m certain that I will find him in no time. You don’t buy any chance have anything with his scent on it do you?” As she asked this the boy pulled out a large bone that looked like it was still in relatively good condition considering how most dogs usually treated them. She grimaced as it sure smelled like dog to her a smell that she wasn’t a fan of now as she began to stroll out in search of it’s scent. She sniffed the air and began to wander forward as she began to let her own similar animal instinct kick in subconsciously leading her down the streets of fiore sniffing it out to a spot that was behind a crate in the alley. She stopped now looking about the box a bit confused, “Come on little fella? Er Otis I guess aren’t you just hoping to go back to your masters warm arms?” She stopped and looked about a bit confused as she swore that it was going to be somewhere around here. She then lifted up one of her legs which was a mistake as the dog then jumped past her smashing into her leg. A shocked shriek left the air as she now landed on her rear grimacing as she felt her cheek most likely had bruised from such a simple fall. “Ow you son of a,” she glared over toward the dog that was now panting madly at her as if they were playing a game. The fact that it was taking this so lightly only pissed her off more. “Ok that’s it I’m gonna skin you little,” She glared now pulling herself up she was a bit slower though as the dog began sprinting out through the road. She followed it like a predator searching for it’s next meal as they continued to sprint through the streets wishing to shout out a few curses. She was all but ready to kill the little guy when it sprinted up and was scooped up by the cheery faced boy.

“Otis you made it back!” He smiled before seeing Lilly had been chasing it all the way back. “Thank you so much lady for finding him. Her head was hung low as she realized the little rat was safe so long as he was with that family. “No problem just try not to let go of his leash again.

[Diligent Word Count: 450]
[Actual Word Count: 699]
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I Hate Dogs [Find the Puppy/D rank/Solo]
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