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 Lost Puppy (Job/Solo)

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PostSubject: Lost Puppy (Job/Solo)   Sat Dec 19, 2015 10:16 am

Ami never had a pet before, however she can sympathize a loss of one. When at the guild hall she saw a request posted to find a missing puppy. She immediately felt compelled to take that one. She loved dogs and wanted to do anything to help. She immediately ripped the job request off the board and walked outside the guild hall. Her eyes began to scan up and down the streets for the brown dog. She began wandering around Magnolia to find it. She checked the Cathedral which she could not find it. She checked the station, and he was not there either. She sighed. Ami was never great at finding things, especially small brown dogs. When she arrived at south gate park she sat down at a bench, wondering where to look next. Suddenly she heard a small whimpering sound and she looked around. Nothing was there. The whimpering sound continued and she looked under the bench. To her happiness she saw a tiny brown puppy hiding in the shadows. The dog looked exactly like the one that was described in the job. Now all she needed to do was to coax it so she can bring it back to its owner.

“Here, puppy. Come one boy. Come here. Don’t be shy.” She said in a gentle voice. The puppy seemed slightly suspicious but came slightly closer. She placed her hand out and the puppy sniffed it before it came trotting towards her. A loud crash was heard behind her and the puppy immediately ran back to its hiding spot under the bench. Her head whipped behind her as she saw a mage, messing around with his lightning magic making a loud crashing sound. She glared at him and told him to practice somewhere else. She received a strange look from the man but otherwise followed suit.

“It’s ok boy, there’s nothing scary anymore.” She promised. The dog looked at her with large eyes as he came over to her. “There you go, now let’s get you back to your owner.” She cooed as she hoisted the puppy up. She looked at her job where the address of the client was written there. She followed the directions and soon arrived there. When she knocked the door a boy and his father came out. The boy seemed delighted to see the dog back again and the dog seemed to be pretty happy as well. It jumped out of her arms and into the boy’s as they rejoiced in reunion. His father thanked Ami and gave jewels to her for her reward. Ami smiled at the boy and the dog as she walked back to the guild. Ami then wondered if she should get a pet as well.

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Lost Puppy (Job/Solo)
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