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 Not my Granny ...[Shopping Partner/D rank/Solo]

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Lilly Rose Hazel-Rin


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PostSubject: Not my Granny ...[Shopping Partner/D rank/Solo]   Sat Dec 19, 2015 10:03 am

Shopping Partner:

Each day progressed the same as the last one, but there was an obvious change in Lilly’s mood the fact that she was hardly strolling through life now as a zombie of sorts. The only reason she even got out of bed and didn’t bashed her head against the door was because someone told her that all she really needed today was to preoccupy herself with a job, one that had she wasn’t at all interested in assisting in but the old lady was willing to pay her quite a bit. Lady Agatha smiled and walked through the store as Lilly blinked a bit startled that this old arthritis ridden woman was still able to keep up her daily routine of shopping even after her husband had passed away. She normally would have hated working with another old lady that was the same age as her granny when she passed away but for some reason Lady Agatha was managing to get the young witch to smile. This time they had made it to the dairy section where she asked, “D-deary could you please pick me up a carton of soy milk?” She struggled speaking each of the words, her voice sounding as cracked and wrinkled as her own skin that was now beginning to prune up like raisins.

“Don’t worry Granny I will grab all of the supplies for you,” her tongue managed to slip why she felt so use to her as she began to realize what she had just said. Agatha wasn’t her Granny she could never end up being her grandma … she was dead and there was nothing in this world that was going to bring her back even soy milk. She sighed as she now wandered over toward the shelves that had the various cartons of milk. Whole, two percent, and soy each of them coming in either a gallon or half gallon carton. Lilly looked back and forth from Agatha to the milk and nodded her head as she grabbed the smaller one. She knew that the old lady was most likely gonna only get through half of it before it curdles anyway.Walking back she would look into the carton, they had already gotten the yogurt, eggs and now the milk she looked back to the list and sighed. “Are you certain that you want to by the turkey as well ma’am?”

“Oh yes of course I need the turkey all my grandchildren and children will be coming out to celebrate the anniversary of my death husband's death. God rest his soul.” She then did a sign of a cross which made Lilly more uncomfortable. “Here why don’t you go toward the line and I will bring the cart with the turkey.” She smiled and now strolled off toward the meat aisle again looking between the different option and picking up a plump turkey. As she lifted it up and sat it back down in the cart she smiled seeing that the old lady was about to reach the line. She slowly strolled that way reaching her in half the time and just before the next person got finished with their purchasing. As they stood in line Lilly listened as Old Lady Agatha began humming a tune it wasn’t the same as Granny’s but it still managed to bring a tear to Lilly’s eyes as she proceeded to hum it all the way home.

[Diligent Word Count: 450]
[Actual Word Count: 571]
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Not my Granny ...[Shopping Partner/D rank/Solo]
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