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 Showtime! (Job/Solo)

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PostSubject: Showtime! (Job/Solo)   Sat Dec 19, 2015 9:42 am

Ami arrived at the South Gate Park with her spirits up high. She had no idea what was in store for her, but she was ready to help. She first had to meet up with a Ringleader named Winston in a circus. She looked around at all the chaos that was going on as performers scurried about trying to practice or figure out where their props were. Finding Winston wasn’t hard at all since he seemed to be the only sane looking person there. “Ah yes, you must be the mage we requested to help us. My name is Winston. Let me tell you what you are going to do for this job. You see a thief, I suspect one of my crew is stealing jewels from my customer and I recently. We need your help to find this thief so we can stop him or her. You fairies are the perfect for this job due to your natural destructivity. You will need to go undercover as a performer, they won’t suspect you if you just simply blend it with the crew. We get new performers almost every single show so it isn’t very rare for us to have to attractions. Cast a few spells to entertain the crowd. Also wear this so you will blend in easier. Your normal attire well, it attracts attention.” He held up this dress and a mask in which Ami snatched.

Ami returned wearing the dress with a mask. She looked around and she saw she truly did fit in. “Now go backstage the performance is about to start.” He whispered in her ear as she rushed to get backstage. “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the Circus show. I am your host Ringleader Winston!” The sound of applause filled her ears. He then began calling out performers as they performed their antics. Ami kept a quick eye out for any troublemakers which could be the thief. After the performers ‘The Amazing Curley Twins’ came off stage a sound filled her ears.

“Now, please welcome with applause for our new performer the one and only Mysterious Ami.” She knew this was her cue to get onstage so she went up there in a flash. Screaming and claps filled her ears as she walked on stage. She did not say a word but she did not feel nervous at all. She was going to get in her part. Closing her eyes she concentrated and turned herself into shadows before she wrapped herself around air. She then shot 6 shadows into the air. The crowd marveled at the spell as the shadows filled the air. This temporary distraction gave the thief a perfect chance to steal the money. She looked around for any sign of it but to her distraught there was none.

The crowd fell silent for a moment before she looked around again. She suddenly had an idea. Turning her body again, partially in shadows she began to run around the audience at a quick speed. They awed at this. Then she saw it, the thief was picking at the earning box. The two made eye contact for a split second before the thief took off running, with a considerable amount of jewels in his arms. “You are not getting away, thief.” Ami murmured in a low voice. She began running quicker, she felt her speed increase drastically as she ran after the thief. Suddenly the thief split into two shorter individuals and both ran at different directions. She was confused for a moment before she looked around to see which one it would be smarter to run after. One was headed to the gateway; if they escaped she probably would not be able to catch them ever again.

Suddenly an idea popped inside her head. She didn’t have to run after them, just stop them even if it meant she had to use force. She summoned 10 small balls of shadows on her palm. She kept running to minimize distance between the two. Then she shot them at the two. The balls startled them which made them fall. This gave her a chance to grab the two thieves before they had the chance to recover.

“Now let’s see who you thieves really are.” She muttered. This time she got a better look at the thieves. Their faces, were covered with black masks to hide their identity. She brought them back to the Ringleader while the crowd clapped. She absentmindedly thought that they must have thought it was part of the act when it wasn’t. Ami gave them a quick smile and a short bow before she rushed backstage to where the ringleaders were. She then pulled off the masks to reveal who the thieves really were. The Ringleader, Winston looked shocked. “The Curley Brothers why would you steal money from us? We were paying you a fair amount of jewels. I am very disappointed in you two. I’m afraid I have to let you both go.” He said in a calm voice. “Please get out before I’ll ask Miss Ami right here to force you off premises." The two glared at her before they trudged away. “Thank you for helping me solve your problems. Here is your reward.” He said, handing her reward to her. Ami smiled and changed out of the dress and back into her normal attire. As she walked out the crowd clapped at her once more in which she responded with a humble smile.

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Showtime! (Job/Solo)
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