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 I Hate you I Loathe You [First Day/D rank/Solo]

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Lilly Rose Hazel-Rin


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PostSubject: I Hate you I Loathe You [First Day/D rank/Solo]   Sat Dec 19, 2015 9:29 am

First Day:

Kazuki Kobayashi had tasked her with an important mission he said, I can’t believe that jerkwad is telling me to do all of this junk this is not what a wizard of my caliber should be doing. I have a murder to catch after all I know that monster is just trailing me as I walk about and now I’m stuck waiting for his stupid laundry to finish off. A glazed glare was across her features as she sighed and watched as his shirts, pants, socks and underwears were all now going through the dry cycle as she had already been there for what felt like an hour just making sure that all the cotton clothing didn’t shrink from being sorted and washed in the proper loads. “I swear that I will kill him myself as soon as I see him next for telling me to do this,” Lilly’s eye now twitching with disgust as she continued to stare at the clothes tumbling about in the gyrating machine. It wouldn’t be all that long now as she continued to eye the various colors tumbling together till they all were stuck in would large glob of partially heated clothes. The dryer slowed down surely but surely each cycle about slowing down and causing the rumbling noises of his clothes hitting the different sides of the machine.

Leaning backward her head would collide with another dryer that she had been sitting against releasing a loud clang as she made impact with it. “This isn’t something you just freeload onto one of your newbies least of all someone as young as myself after all who would thinking a young teenage girl picking up a guys clothing would look good for either party. She continued to eye it as it finally came to a halt the dryer now beeping with a happy tune that was to tell everyone that the  person using this particular machine was now finished and would be up for grabs as soon as the lazy bum at it removed everything, that lazy bum being Lilly. Sitting up she began to brush off her cloak and put down the hood before now walking over and opening the door of the dryer. Her hands gracefully and quickly plucking each article of clothing out from the dryer. First came the shirts, she neatly fold them up into small rectangles and dropped them into the laundry basket which she had brought them in. Next were the pants, which she similarly made quick time of as she folded them up just as tight and organized as the shirts were before them. The rest of it she felt a bit odd dealing with, male underwear and socks were a few horrors of this universe that she wasn’t ready to deal with. Reaching down she tightly grabbed the wad that was his undergarments and his socks. Packing one side of the sock inside the other as she tried to mix and match all the pairs. As it came down to it though she wound up with one black sock and one white sock. both of them being a lefty. “Perhaps mother was correct that there is a monster inside those things that eats socks.” She sighed stuffing the last two into a trash can and walking off out of the laundromat with the basket firmly in both her hands. She wandered through the alleys taking the quickest and least populated path back to Fairytail. As she arrived she opened the door propping it open with her one foot and slowly slipped in now strolling down the guild hall till she dropped the basket outside of Kazuki’s door.

[Diligent Word Count: 450]
[Actual Word Count: 612]
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I Hate you I Loathe You [First Day/D rank/Solo]
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