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 Evening patrol [Ride Along/C rank/Solo]]

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Lilly Rose Hazel-Rin


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PostSubject: Evening patrol [Ride Along/C rank/Solo]]   Sat Dec 19, 2015 9:15 am

Ride Along:

Magnolia’s winter festival was almost underway again and Lilly once again found herself despising the matter that was the holiday spirit who had the right to be jolly on such a day. Another day another worthless mission she thought to herself as she once again found herself looking about through the city of Magnolia for her client. What type of mother would force such an awful last name as Wilks upon them. Seriously, even I despise my parents for combining their names and making me Hazel-Rin. Might as well call me Feather-Fairchild and ask me to work as a maid for some stupid pompous stuck up family where I am to learn how to be proper or something equally stupid. No siry never gonna happen to me. She sighed now leaning up against a wall as she realized she had reached the rendezvous point over ten minutes earlier then she was asked to arrive. Taking a deep breath she would grumble and begin to contemplate the usual obsession on her mind, “Bite marks and claw gashes that were big enough to leave morsel of meat after her death. It had to be a wolf plain and simple no other creature would have been vicious enough or hungry enough to feast on an entire person. Or maybe it took back scraps to feed to the pack.” Shivering a bit she clenched the red cloak pulling it tighter about her arms till she began to realize that she was no longer alone.

An officer was was approaching from the east upon the main street as he now began to walk up to the main office building which he had requested that any wizards that were willing to fill in for his sick buddy would meet him. “Hello there little missy,” He spoke with a rather awkward accent that was enough to make Lilly wish that her ears were clogged from blood from the mere sound of his voice. A rather country southern accent that was accompanied by the odd vocabulary of ‘Ya’ll’ and ‘Ain’t”.

After hearing his less that formally greeting she couldn’t hold back an already exhausted an annoyed sigh whispering to herself, “This is gonna be the longest of days I’m ever going to have to deal with isn’t it.” She  tried to keep her voice soft enough as he approached that way he wouldn’t hear her and be too insulted as  if he asked her she would plainly state that she thought he was a oaf who didn’t fit on such a respectable duty as being a guardian and watching out for the welfare of all the people in Magnolia. She sighed and would now stroll up beside the man not even saying a word now as she pulled the hood over her head and stuffed her hands into two large pockets now as she began to walk beside him.

As they continued forward he felt that it would be good to pass the time with idle conversation. “So miss if you don’t mind me asking a few rather silly questions real quick?” He shot a glance over toward the crimson hooded girl who continued to keep her gaze cast to the ground sighing and giving a brief shrug toward the man before looking partially over toward his feet not even giving him a straight answer as to whether or not she was going to be answering any such questions. This job had no formalities of making sure that the client was happy with her work but something on the edge of her mind was pushing that maybe she should at least attempt and pass the time. She gave him a slight shrug as if that was enough of an answer. “Right then I was always wondering what it must be like to be a wizard in a guild as odd as Fairytail, after all it’s not like they keep out of trouble the best, even if they are trying to keep the piece with the citizens of Fiore and staying off the magic council's list. Again he shot a sideward glance this time tilting his head down a bit to try and catch a glimpse of her expression as they walked. She glanced over and gave him an unpleasant glare as he was asking questions that she didn’t care much to answer.

“I personally don’t give a flying cow paddie of what my guild does or what you want but I’m here to help you patrol the city and as far as I can see the only reason why you little friend must have called in sick today was because of a rally that is starting today. After all isn’t it a lot more trouble to deal with the crowds and not worthy your pay to risk life and limb of keeping them from getting violent and complaining that you lot are attempting to repress their freedom of speech. At that moment Lilly pointed her finger forward cast upon a large crowd that had been gathering and shouting that they wanted a change in the ways that magicians got to live. They were radicals that were always going to find an issue with working with people like her or her father. “Looks to me like we should go break them up before they get any crazy ideas am I right?” The girl said before now walking off without officer Wilks.

“H-hey wait for me you are really too get yourself into such problems besides they will probably take it better from me in this particular circumstance since they do seem to be anti-wizard.” He smiled giving her a pat on the back that only made her begin to jitter and back away from the man. “Sorry was just trying to comfort you was all.” He sighed now walking off toward the protesters and shouting, “Hey now you lot why don’t you all break it up and go back to your homes don’t you all have supper or something to start preparing?” The group grumbled and shouted at him before slowly moving their separate ways. “What did you think of that pretty amazing right?” He smiled giving her a wink.

Lilly blinked unimpressed before now looking at a nearby watch that was just inside a shop window, “You are right that was pretty amazing I can’t believe that we managed to get through that shift without me falling asleep on you.” She then strolled off leaving everything else she brought with her except for the check that he handed to her on completion of the mission.

[Diligent Word Count: 900]
[Actual Word Count: 1099]
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Evening patrol [Ride Along/C rank/Solo]]
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