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 Me a Role Model? [Role Model/D rank/Solo]

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Lilly Rose Hazel-Rin


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PostSubject: Me a Role Model? [Role Model/D rank/Solo]   Sat Dec 19, 2015 8:38 am

Role Model:

Lilly had been seeking out more information on her granny, unfortunately people in Magnolia seemed every bit as useless as the people back at home. Even her own mother had something to hide about her grandmother’s death and for some reason every time she got closer to the truth she was left out to hang.The red laced wolf cloak now sitting softly against her black silken long sleeve shirt and skirt. It didn’t matter though this was a world where money was the object of the game and as much as possible would be required to purchase the information that she was seeking. She slipped hand back into the folds of the wolf sewn interior of the cloak now pulling out the mission poster which she had pulled down from the mission list back in the Fairytail guild. “Who on earth was it again that I am basically stuck babysitting again some Lavender kid?” The girl sighed and pulled her hood further over her eyes before groaning a bit upset that she even bothered to pick such a mission. Lilly hated children and the fact that this little brat wants to see how a real wizards life is. “Well she is sadly gonna be disappointed when she finds out that the majority of us just go about doing such stupid chores such as this one seriously. Showing an eight year old the life of a wizard …” She scoffed now placing both her arms behind her head and stopped as she reached the destination. “Now where is sh-”

She stopped as the eight year old girl now sprinted up and jumped onto her back nearly causing her to topple over as she hadn’t expected someone so energetic or enthusiastic. “Hi miss, you are gonna show me everything of how it is to be a wizard right?” She smiled leaning over her shoulder causing Lilly to collapse further under her weight. “So are you gonna show me what type of magic it is that you specialize in miss?” The girl asked questioning as she now realized that she was more or less riding upon the girl's back as if she was a pony now as she had collapsed. “I thought wizards were usually stronger than this.

“Holy cow and I though eight year old girls weren’t as heavy as you,” she cringed now beginning to push herself back up onto her knees. “Ok, first of all I can’t do any of my magic if you don’t get your mitts off from around my neck seriously I can’t breath when you are choking me like that.” As she mentioned it the girl now slid back down off of her back, Lilly now taking deep breathes as she tried to catch her breath now as she turned around to look at little Mrs Lavender, “Sheesh got your own natural choke hold planned huh for when you take up a job in the old wizarding world?” She sighed, “Right, for this to work I have to show you how it is to be a wizard. I don’t really have that many skills to be honest as most of them rely on me getting extremely angry.” She began to ponder before looking back at the girl. Here how about I show you a few slashes I got on a tree I will take you on over toward the guild I live in.” She walked through the streets with a hand holding onto the girl to make sure that she didn’t try and do something stupid, after all this job would be forfeit if she didn’t keep the young one healthy. “Here now why don’t you just stand there for a second.” She took a deep breath and grumbled as she looked back and forth from the girl to the tree that she now put before her then her left arm shifted into that of a claw and slashing through a high branch as she jumped up trimming the tree of one of its branches that was dying anyway. The child clapped and asked for her to keep it up. Most of that day was Lilly exhausting herself upon a tree revealing all the techniques she had learned and when the day was over she was forced to give the girl a ride piggy back can you believe that. She  panted now as she strolled up through the town back where she had picked up the little girl.

“Welp there you go, little miss ray of sunshine back and happy in one piece,” She sighed a bit tired as she couldn’t even remember the last time she used up so much of her mana reserves. As she looked at the caretaker of Mrs. Lavender she smiled handing her a packet with the money and thanked her. Even the child had to thank Lilly as she didn’t expect to see a takeover user on her form the job request. As she stumbled back away she sighed, “Wow that ball of energy needs to have a shut off switch.”

[Diligent Word Count: 450]
[Actual Word Count: 842]
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Me a Role Model? [Role Model/D rank/Solo]
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