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 Role Model (Job/Solo)

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PostSubject: Role Model (Job/Solo)   Fri Dec 18, 2015 7:10 pm

Ami honestly never thought that she could be a role model to anyone. She never felt very much like one, after all she didn’t have magic until a few years ago and only recently had she changed her life by joining Fairy Tail. She simply took this job so she could feel what it was truly like being someone that a person could look up to.

She arrived at the Lavander’s house at around ten in the morning. She was to take their daughter Maria around town to show her the life of a mage. She quickly introduced herself to the family and began taking Maria around town. She seemed quiet and quick thoughtful while Ami talked to her. “Miss Ami? What magic do you have?” She asked curiously.

“I have a magic called Shadow Dragon Slayer.” She explained to the young girl. “What magic would you like when you become a mage like me?” She asked her. The girl gave her a smile.

“I want magic that will let me eat all the ice cream I want.” She said. Ami chuckled and gave her a pat in the head.

“When you get to become a mage you can have whatever magic you want to have, including your ice cream one. You simply need to develop the ability to wield it.” She said. She saw the girl with a confused look on her face and she sighed. “You need to learn how to use magic first.” She said rubbing the young girl on the head. She giggled slightly.

She then took her to the Fairy Tail guild. “This is what we call guilds. It’s a big group of mages who have fun and take jobs together. We’re one big family here. When you join you get one of these.” She said pointing to her guild mark that was imprinted on her skin. “This is the symbol of our love for each other. It shows that we are a member of this guild. Let me give you a tour.”

Ami took Maria around the guild. She showed off the job board and showed her how to take one, she took her to the bar where they got a friendly hello from the bar tender and they went to greet a few other members of the guild. “Miss Ami can you show me your magic?” She asked. She nodded and went to a nearby tree where she slashed at it in an arc, her hand engulfed with shadow energy. The young girl’s eyes widen at this. “That’s so cool.” She said smiling.

“It is really nice, now come on Maria we need to get you home.” She then led the young girl back to her house her mother was waiting for her.

“Mommy, I had so much fun today. When I grow up I want to be a Fairy Tail mage and take tons of job with all my friends. I want to be like Miss Ami when I grow up.” Ami froze at this before chuckling. She was paid before Ms Lavander went upstairs with her daughter for the night.

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Role Model (Job/Solo)
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