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 Ride Along (Job/Solo)

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PostSubject: Ride Along (Job/Solo)   Fri Dec 18, 2015 2:33 pm

It was a nice day in Magnolia. A warm breeze blew through the air as Ami headed to her job. She was rather excited for this job. She was to help a police officer patrol the town of Magnolia after his partner was sick, something she always wanted to try out. She arrived at the police station earlier. Asking about the job a middle age man soon came out and extended his hand in a greeting. His eyebrow was raised in suspicious. “So you’re that new Fairy Tail mage who decided to take this job? The name’s Wilks” He said to her. “You better not cause any destruction. The job of a police is to protect not destroy do you understand?”

Ami nodded and shook his hand. “My name’s Ami. However you should know that I’m not as destructive as the other members of my guild.” She chuckled, however she was getting quite annoyed at him. “However I will keep that in mind. I look forward to helping you, Officer Wilks. I promise nothing will even be harmed at all.” She promised to him with an earnest look in her eye.

“You better keep that promise.” He muttered under his breath. “So come along, keep up the pace or I’ll leave you in the dust. That’s not a good thing for the first day on your job, well the first and only day.” He ordered. Rage suddenly filled her up. She hated taking orders. Her face soon morphed into a scowl as she opened her mouth to talk up but the man spoke before she can utter a single sound. “Can’t take orders huh? Well tough luck Ami. This job is all about taking orders. If you say a single complaint you’ll be let off the job.” She was now seething angry she gave a curt not before she did what she was told to do.

Quietly she trudged after the Officer. She looked around. The town of Magnolia was quite calm and peaceful that day. “Ah I hate days like these.” He said. “Nice days are always an omen of something bad that is yet to happen. Don’t let the beauty deceive you. Almost always on nice days there will be trouble going on.” They passed by a few buildings. Soon they arrived at the front of her guild in which she took a quick glance before they passed it as well. “I honestly hate Fairies like you since you all are so destructive. I was reluctant to let one of you guys take a job. You seem calm enough, I think I got a lucky break when I received one of the calm fellas.”

They continued walking. Soon they passed by the train station. Ami watched as swarms came off the train and even more boarded it. “This is the egg of the crimes. Criminals almost always come by here. We’re going to stay here for an hour or so to make sure things are nice and peaceful and no crimes are happening here whatsoever.” He took a seat on a bench and Ami followed suit. The two stared as the train left and another came in.

Ami soon got bored at watching and sighed. Finally after what seemed like an eternity he stood up. “Come on. The coast seems clear here. We can leave to somewhere else for now.” She soon followed her. They walked around the town a bit more before something caught her ear. Her eyes followed the site where the sound was coming from. She began to run after the sound. “Hey! Where are you going?” He yelled at her as he began running after her. They ran for a minute before they saw three men holding a bag and a gun in front of a jewelry shop and they entered it. Officer Wilks stared at her with disbelief before they both rushed in to find the men pointing their weapon at the owner of the store. Wilks then pulled out his own gun.

“Freeze!” He yelled. The robbers glanced at their direction and two of them moved their weapons towards their direction as the third continued to point his at the owner.

Ami then said to him in a low voice. “I’ll take on the two criminals; you take care of the one with the gun to the owner.” She muttered. Wilks stared at her for a second before he nodded. He ran off after third criminal. The two trailed their guns at him before they were hit with small balls of shadows. Their eyes trailed onto Ami. On her palms were a few more balls of shadows. “Your opponent is me. Thank goodness these are evenly split.” She said as the last of them flew at them. They weren’t prepared for the attack which allowed Ami to attack again. She made a punching motion with her fist and a tendril of shadows attacked on of the men knocking him out. The other man rushed to attack her by shooting bullets at her but she anticipated that as she dropped to the ground.

Ami then swung her right hand in an arc upwards and hit the man on the bottom of his chin which knocked him out as well. She looked at Officer Wilks in case he needed any backup which he probably needed. To her surprise however he seemed perfectly fine, he somehow managed to deal with his opponent quite well as well. He looked at her and looked around. “Not as destructive as I thought this would be good job. I guess the day’s over. Let me contact headquarters to report these men.” He quickly contacted them and sent over a few officers who took the robbers into custody. “Nice job Ami. I hope that we can work together again someday.” He said before he placed the money in her hands. She smiled at him.

“That was fun. I hope we can arrest criminals together again as well.” She said as she walked back to the guild after a successful job.

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Ride Along (Job/Solo)
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