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 The First Day (Solo/Job)

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PostSubject: The First Day (Solo/Job)   Fri Dec 18, 2015 12:37 pm

Ami's first day in Fairy Tail was rather interesting in the least to say. She would had never imagined that she would have to do chores. She was slightly upset that her guildmaster couldn't welcome her on her first day though. However, he was a guildmaster after all. He had his own work to do and needed help with something. Ami let her objections and complains be known however she was reluctantly talked into taking this job when her guildmaster promised to pay her. She simply thought of this as another job, a rather unusually job that most people do not give out. She went outside of the guild as she began her quest to find the laundry mat

However, since Ami only recently moved into Magnolia she had no idea where to go. She spent a good hour asking locals where it was located however she never got a straight answer entirely. She walked all over Magnolia to find the elusive Laundromat. It didn't take her much longer before she discovered it was right down the street from the guild. She felt annoyed at herself she didn't discover so sooner. She entered the Laundry Mat asking for her guild master's laundry.

Her eyes seemed to bulge out when she saw the huge stack of laundry that was placed in front of her. Ami wondered how often her guildmaster even did laundry, once a week? Every other week? Once a month?! She muttering a long string of colorful words which would possibly get her banned from the Kardia Cathedral if anyone heard her. She wanted to simply magically teleport that pile of clothing back. She decided to get on with this tedious task.

She started by carrying as much as she could hold however, it was a bad idea from the start. She couldn’t see where she was walking and she barely made a dent in the pile. She dropped the pile of clothes to the ground and sighed. Ami had no idea how to deal with this. Sitting down for a break, she began to brainstorm. Perhaps she could get help from a guild member. She soon shook her head; she was determined to do this on her own.

An idea then popped into her head. She quickly ran to look for a large wooden box and found one. She also then found an abandoned toy wagon as well. She took both the box and the wagon back to the laundromat. She placed the wooden box on the wagon and began loading it with piles of clothes. To her delight, this plan she came up with seemed to work quite effectively. She marveled at the wagon which was piled high with clothes. She then grabbed the handle and began to pull it back to the guild. It was a much easier pulling it down the road and into the guild. She unloaded it and placed it to the side. She quickly got rid of the box and wagon since it had no other use for her anymore. Soon she saw Marley, the bartender walked up to her and gave her a handful of money for her job. She smirked as she went to the bar to order up a drink for her.


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The First Day (Solo/Job)
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