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 The Merchants of Death Pt. 3 [B rank]

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PostSubject: The Merchants of Death Pt. 3 [B rank]   Fri Dec 18, 2015 7:11 am

Name: The Merchants of Death pt 3
Rank: B
Client: President Albert Marivel (CEO of Marivel Heavy Industries)
Target: 2 Legal Mages
Reward: 3000 EXP & 8000J
Details: May only be started after completion of The Merchants of Death pt 2.  If a neutral mage has already accepted Takedown of the Merchants of Death pt 1, then they may not take on this job.  If this job is performed with 2 members, they will each get their own Steel Dragon to use during this job.

You will be in the cockpit of the Marivel Weapon Prototype "MG-1311B Mk.I" codenamed:  Steel Dragon.  This weapon stands at 45 feet tall with an array of weaponry attached to it.  While it isn't the fastest machine, it is quite agile for a bi-pedal weapon.  With use of this machine, you are to go to Shirotsume Town and test out it's capabilities on infrastructure.  While there, you will encounter 2 Legal Mages who are there to thwart you.  These guys aren't push-overs.  If they defeat you, they will learn about Marivel's prototype.

Your job is to destroy at least 3 buildings and kill the Legal Mages before they destroy the Steel Dragon.

Steel Dragon Specs:

Legal Mage 1:
Legal Mage 2:
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The Merchants of Death Pt. 3 [B rank]
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