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 The Merchants of Death Pt. 2 [C]

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PostSubject: The Merchants of Death Pt. 2 [C]   Fri Dec 18, 2015 7:08 am

Dark Request

Name: The Merchants of Death pt 2
Rank: C
Client: Engineer Erick Samson
Target: Developer Marco Santiago
Reward:  2000 EXP & 5000 J + (2000 J for bringing target back alive)
Details: May only be started after The Merchants of Death pt 1 has been accomplished.  If a neutral mage has already accepted Takedown of the Merchants of Death pt 1, they cannot do this request.

Due to your outstanding work against the protesters, the CEO of Marivel Heavy Industries has asked for your help once again!  Return to the Marivel Heavy Industries building for a briefing by Engineer Erick Samson.  Inside, he will tell you that one of their Developers had threatened to reveal the secrets of Marivel Heavy Industries and report the company to the Magic Council.  The Company will not allow that!  

Your job is to find Developer Marco Santiago.  You can find him in a house within the city.  He will have two lower ranking bodyguards with him.  You have the choice of killing him and returning the documents he has with him (which will be located in a brief case that he will have with him) or bring him and the briefcase back alive.  The Developer only takes 1 D Rank attack to kill.  

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The Merchants of Death Pt. 2 [C]
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