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 Ghost Town [B rank Neutral mission]

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Sangoran Hino


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PostSubject: Ghost Town [B rank Neutral mission]   Thu Dec 17, 2015 1:14 pm

Name: Ghost Town
Rank: B
Client: Caretaker Magee
Target: Eliminate the Undead and destroy the portal.
Reward: 3000 XP + 8000 Jewels
Details: After the successful purging on the old house, the unrested ghost has come back and wants his revenge on humanity overall. He's conformed his soul with the devil in return for a temporary boost of power and an army of undead to take over Clover Town. All the undead are immune to dark elemented magic and strike with C rank damage and burns on contact. Much like undead belief, healing based spells will deal damage to the undead. The ghost himself will be locked away once more in the house, where a portal to the underworld sits inside the house. This time, he will deal B rank damage on contact if dealt more than 50 hp (and each succession of 50 hp), will silence the mage, keeping them from using spells for one post. To destroy it, you must deal a singular C ranks worth of damage on the frame to destroy it and make it unstable. Any remaining undead will be sucked back into the portal and back to hell. Finally, defeat the spirit once more and put him to rest.

Unfortunately, the spirit will use the remainder of his powers to disappear and will return another time.

Undead army x150: 20 hp each.
Empowered Spirit: 200 hp

After completing this mission, all mages who has completed this mission will earn admission to the mission: The Exorcism.

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PostSubject: Re: Ghost Town [B rank Neutral mission]   Thu Dec 17, 2015 3:38 pm

You need to make more requests...these are great. Approved.
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Ghost Town [B rank Neutral mission]
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