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 Ride Along { C Rank Job }

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PostSubject: Ride Along { C Rank Job }    Thu Dec 17, 2015 11:48 am

A bright smile was plastered on the face of the female wizard as she walked through Balsam that early morning. She had thought it would be possible to find small saplings in the market area, or perhaps so more fish to place in the pond. Either way, she was on her way to find SOMETHING to put into her garden. It was not quite right to call it HER garden, because it belonged to all of Sabertooth, however she maintained it, and that was enough for her to do her best!

Tyriel glanced over the decorative statues when she heard loud noises from her right side.
She glanced over to see two men running, one was carrying a bag of some sorts and the other appeared to be chasing the first. Her eyes widened as she watched the first guy zoom past her but his hand grabbed a stack of crates and pulled them down.
They crashed and rolled; causing the second guy to trip and fall over them!

Tyriel gasped and ran to the man that fell, offering him help up. She noticed he was wearing some sort of uniform. " Oh thank you my lady!" he said as he wiped off his pants and jacket.
It looked nice, with shiny buttons, but what caught her eye was the shiny badge that was pinned up front.
" Are you okay sir?" she asked looking ahead to see that the previous guy had fled and was nowhere to be seen. The man apparently noticed this as well, cause he let out a disappointed sigh.
"Oh i am quite alright ma'am, but it is a shame i couldn't do anything about that woman's purse.... I suppose i have to go back and tell her i lost it. "

Tyriel bit her bottom lip and looked back at the officer. " No.... Let's catch him! " He gave her a terrible confused look and Tyr scoffed, " I may not look like it! But i'm a mage of Sabertooth! She said flashing him the the magenta colored tattoo that rested on the inside of her left wrist.

The officer appeared surprised but a wave of determination must have lifted his spirits ," Officer Wilks Ma'am, and ill be sure to reward you after!" Then he pushed back the crates and began his chase.
Tyriel just smiled and gave him a nod, " Tyriel!" she yelled after him and began to run as well. Normally she wasn't one for physical extremities, but she enjoyed running next to him, the wind pushing her hair back as she pulled up her dress to catch up to him.


The two individuals rounded a corner and Officer Wilks held out his arm to slow her down. She breathed slowly as he pointed ahead into a crowd of people. He pointed out one individual in particular and Tyriel recognized his as that capper! She furrowed her eyebrows and nodded, but Wilks explained," Let's wait till he get's out of this crowd, i don't want any of them to be hurt."
She nodded in agreement and they slowly walked behind him, waiting for him to break away.

It was several blocks before he entered this certain building. It was a shop, one for unique antiques... Tyriel felt that was odd, unless he planned to sell anything in that purse. But none the less they entered in after him...
But he was nowhere to be seen. There was just a fat mean looking shop keeper who stood behind the counter.
Officer Wilks and Tyriel's eyes both widened and they looked at each other with confused expressions.
" Is there something i can help you with?" the shopkeeper sneered at the two of them.
" Yeah we are looking fo-" Wilks was interrupted by Tyriel who jabbed his side.
" We are looking for the perfect gift for our new home! Right cuddle bug?" she looked up at him and gave him a strong wink, " We just got back from Crocus where we were married." she continued and gave the shop keeper a strong happy smile.
The fat man grumbled and walked into the back of his store, " Let me know if you want this junk."

Tyriel let out a sigh of relief and cut off the officer as he started his protest. She instantly pointed to the wall and the floor. The antiques in the store and the floors were covered in dust... except on the floor right in front of the wall.
She eyed it a bit more and got up close. It was easy to find a seem.
There was a hidden door in that wall!

The woman looked back to where the shop keeper disappeared to and went behind his counter. Crouching and looking for something in particular... Ah! There it was! a big red switch.
She flicked it and the door slid open.
Tyriel smiled at Wilks in his astonished and impressed facial expression.

Soon enough, the two of them were walking out of the store, purse in hand, leaving behind two knocked out gentlemen. Wilks chuckled loudly, " And then you whipped that guy with those vines and i thought he would cry!" She giggled as well as he was quite pleased with her performance.
Tyriel and Wilks walked across Balsam and stood in front of a small family owned restaurant. The sun was beginning to set behind her and Tyr was quite sad about not being able to complete what she came here for.

A older lady walked out from the shop and Wilks gave her the bag and its contents.
She smiled and thanked them both very much, then she started to get grumpy with Wilks. He had tried to hand Tyriel 1000 J for helping him like he promised but WHACK! swinging that purse of her's, the old lady smacked Wilks!
"You made this woman risk her life and you only give her 1000 J?" Wilk's jaw hung open and Tyriel giggled as the woman handed her another 4000 J.
" Thank you mage of Sabertooth!" the old lady smiled and also gave her a round bowl. And in that round bowl was a rainbow colored Koi fish.
Tyriel glowed and thanked her. It was a rare fish indeed and she would be pleased to add it to her pond in the Garden.
She would come to really like Sabertooth and Balsam!

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Ride Along { C Rank Job }
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