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 Showtime! [Solo C-Rank Request]

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PostSubject: Showtime! [Solo C-Rank Request]   Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:21 pm


You don't know me, and I don't know you, but I need your help. I am the Ringmaster of a well-known traveling circus, currently residing at South Gate Park. Recently, one of my performers has been stealing earnings. He thinks that he is getting away with it, but some of my performers and I caught on quite a while ago. Show me this letter and I will 'hire you', but your true purpose is to capture the thief. Whether or not you choose to take this offer is your choice, but just know that there is a reward in it for you if you do choose to help me. Lastly, I really don't care what you do to the thief, kill him or capture him, it doesn't matter as long as you get rid of him!

Thanks in advance,

This was the letter Brennan had received, although he had not received it in a normal manner at all, it had simply fallen from the sky and landed on his face while he had been dozing off in a forest. He figured the letter had been dropped in some sort of magical manner, but he honestly didn't care, it was a job and it involved justice. He was in. It was probably just some sort of coincidence, but Brennan just so happened to be at the South Gate Park when he received the letter, and that made things infinitely easier for him, after all, he wouldn't have to travel an absurd amount to arrive at his destination. The whole time the young man had been reading the letter, he had been lying down, so he got up, stretching his arms and cracking his back. Brennan's clothes shone, quickly being replaced with dull gray cargo pants which were held in black by a black belt, along with a black hoodie with the hoodie pulled up, obscuring most of Brennan's face. Underneath this hoodie was a gray undershirt, but that wouldn't really matter unless combat got too heated, which Brennan expected it wouldn't, not for a job that required little to no combat such as this one.

Brennan looked around and quickly spotted a gigantic vibrant red tent, it was impossible to miss really, and jogged up to it, where he was approached by a brunette woman with stunning blue eyes. "Who are you? A spectator? If so, you're incredibly late..." Brennan blinked, at 6'0" this woman loomed over him, but he didn't really care.

"You're Julie, right?" He asked, staring at the woman unflinchingly, and she nodded. Brennan handed her the letter and said, "I'm Brennan. By the way, you could've just said you had eyes the color of poop. Would've made it much easier to recognize you. I bet you're jealous you don't have golden hair like mine!" He grinned, he could practically see the veins in Julie's forehead throbbing. Belittling people was always so much fun.

"Alright," She said with a grimace, clearly annoyed at Brennan, "You're up next. Have something ready and capture that guy later on." She said, pointing at a man with magenta eyes and turquoise hair that was clearly not natural. With that, Julie shoved Brennan into the tent, causing him to stumble and trip on his own foot. He feel on the ground with a flop, and got up slowly, waiting for Julie's voice to announce his name before he did anything. "Woo hoo!" Julie's voice announced, coming from Lacrimas floating all around the tent, "That was amazing! But now it's time to give it up for Brennan, our newest recruit!" Brennan smiled, and suddenly his dull clothing was replaced with a strange black cloak which dragged against the ground as he walked. The audience cheered and Brennan chuckled, These people are so easy to please! He thought to himself with a smile.

"Requip." He muttered, extending his left arm as a plethora of shards, taking the shape of a scythe, appeared in his hand. The crowd went wild once again, causing Brennan to smile and slam the blade of the scythe into the ground. He let go of the shaft and snapped his fingers, causing the scythe's shards to disperse and fly around Brennan, before flying into a wooden beam, forming a perfect line. Brennan dashed up to the beam, and quickly climbed up the line of shards using only his feet, before jumping from the very top shard, which was about five yards up, and landing on a net. The crowd explored into cheers of excitement, and Brennan grinned from ear to ear as the shards of the Shard Scythe glowed and disappeared. The crowds cheers amplified as Brennan clambered down from the net and switched his outfit back to his gray hoodie. He held his left arm up in the air and waved as he walked out of the crowds view and into the performers room, satisfied with his own performance. Brennan yawned and looked around the performers room, easily spotting the guy with magenta eyes and turquoise hair, and walked up to him, tapping his shoulder. The man turned around and Brennan cleared his throat, "Stealing, really? C'mon... it's not like you don't have a job! A look of panic filled the man's face and he tried to run away, but Brennan stepped in his way, "Really?" He then proceeded to knee the man in the groin, causing him to crumple to the ground in pain. Brennan kicked the man's head and he fell unconscious. "There we go!" He said, brushing the dust off of himself. All of a sudden, Julie walked in and smiled, crouching down to hug Brennan.

"Thank you so much!" She cheered, still hugging the boy. "Now, as promised, here's your payment." He handed him a bag of Jewels, which Brennan accepted with a bow.

"Thank you!" He said, "Will you be taking him to the local Rune Knights base?" Julie nodded, and Brennan smiled, pacing out of the circus tent with a grin. That had been extremely easy, and he had received a fair amount of payment! Now, onto what he was going to do next...



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Showtime! [Solo C-Rank Request]
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