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 Guild Spells

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Kazuki Kobayashi


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PostSubject: Guild Spells   Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:25 am

Guild Spells

As we've seen in Fairy Tail there are certain circumstances where the Guildmaster of a guild have spells specifically in tune to that guild. While we've really only seen Fairy Tail have spells attuned to their guild (Grimoire Heart Excluded, former FT GM), every guild in Fiore will have them here. The spells, as stated, will be very powerful but will have a huge cooldown time on them so that they are balanced as they can be. There are three spells per guild, with the Guildmaster having two and the Ace having access to the third. These spells are free and do not not go against your spell count. Be mindful, though, that any Ace that is found to be abusing their spell will likely have it and their title stripped, the same goes for Guildmasters. If you leave a guild for whatever reason, or vacate either the Guildmaster spot or Ace, you lose access to those spells for good.

Each guild's motto, or rather, outlook will affect the power and uniqueness of the Spell. Fairy Tail, for example, is about family and unity. The more members in the thread when the Guildmaster (or Ace) casts the spell, the more powerful it will be. Sabertooth, who values strength, may have a spell that increases it's members raw physical power. The possibilities are endless, and it would behoove players to stick close to their Guildmaster or Ace when plots kick off.

So what are the specifics for these spells?

The Guild spells will always be at-rank for the Guildmaster, cost (at the very least) 100MP to cast, and the cooldown time for each spell is once per plot arc. This means that the Guildmaster and Ace can cast each of their spells once per plot arc. If a plot takes 3 months to complete on site, in real life time and you used your spell at the very beginning....that spell will not be available until the arc is complete. This is so that, not only do they feel as powerful as they should, but it encourages members of guild to RP and fight together to ensure they get whatever benefits they may produce.

If there are any further questions about the Guild spells, feel free to message or PM me. We look forward to displaying the Guild spells for each guild, to the public, so that members can see what their spells do for their guild. The Guild spells for each guild will be posted in their respective Guild information pages.
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Guild Spells
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