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 Private Assassination [solo dolo]

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Shigan Dahszíné


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PostSubject: Private Assassination [solo dolo]   Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:46 pm

It was a bleak day for Shigan he hadn’t seen anyone in the guild hall for weeks. He had gotten lucky and found a suitcase of 100,000 jewels while he was exploring the guild hall, but not one member did he find. However, there were still requests being updated by some third party so that’s all Shigan really needed. He was looking over the board when a D rank request caught his eye. He grabbed it and examined it; it spoke of meeting with a lady who had a very special request not for the faint of heart.
            Once he walks out of the guild hall at the top of the city he begins his descent to the woman’s house. She lives just above the slums so it wasn’t as shady as Shigan had expected when he got there. He quickly scanned the area as his eyes glow grey, there was nothing suspicious outside some dog was barking close to the house he was entering. He turned his eyes off confident that nothing had slipped out of his sight. As he walked up to the woman’s front door he looked around the yard it was not very well kept. After knocking on the door he waited patiently outside. It was answered by an old lady who seemed to be in a bad mood. She ushered him inside, the first thing that Shigan noticed as that the whole house smelled horrible. Like an old decayed body but no one was dead, it was just the old lady she had to be at least 80.
” So what’s the job?” Shigan sat on one of her armchairs it was very comfortable. He sunk in just right and it had great back support he felt relaxed. The old lady looked at him with the sight of disgust, maybe she didn’t like people sitting in this chair who knows. Either way she snapped at Shigan.

”How dare you address me as such you scruffy little punk. Now that dog outside has been barking for what seems like years now. I want you to go handle it, in a permanent way hurry up.”

She finished snapping Shigan had a grin he always seemed to get the crazy ones. It was a simple enough job though, something that paid enough so he could grab some food. He walked out onto the street the dog was still barking with vigor. Shigan didn’t even worry about others seeing him he was quite stealthy then he walked up to the dog and punched him the spirit of a feral dog running over his arm. There was one man who saw, he walked up to accuse Shingan but Shigan spoke first.

”Hey this dog attacked me and I was just defending myself, but I”m going to go now have other business to attend. He cooly lied to the man. He seemed to believe him as Shingan walked off and did a loop around the neighborhood before coming back to the granny’s house. Once there he listened to her rambling until she handed over the reward. Then he walked out of the house back to the guildhall content for now.

Word Count 529/500

MP 70/100:

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Private Assassination [solo dolo]
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