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 Warstaff of Jericho 100,00

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PostSubject: Warstaff of Jericho 100,00    Sat Dec 12, 2015 9:40 am

Name:Warstaff of Jericho
Elemental Ice
Close/Long-Range: Long Range
Weight: 7 lbs. | 3.17 kg
Length: 8 ft. | 2.1 m
Rank: B
Description: The Warstaff is made of Lacrima and steel when charged with mana it shoots a ice bullet from either tip. The bullet  is fist sized and travels at 20 m/s it is capable of breaking bone as well as leaving the impact numb with a C rank debuff to strength . Can fire 15 bullets in a topic , 3 rounds a post. Each round cost 15 mana.
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Warstaff of Jericho 100,00
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