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 Intifadas Sling 50,000

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Shigan Dahszíné


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PostSubject: Intifadas Sling 50,000   Fri Dec 11, 2015 12:36 pm

Price: 50,000 Jewels
Name: Intifadas Sling
Elemental Light
Close/Long-Range: Long Range
Weight: 1 lb | .45 kg
Length: 8 inches
Rank: C

Description: A wooden slingshot from Bosco, it radiates light once the user uses mana making it hard to look at. It is lightweight and easily concealed until used, where the user uses his mana to create a small ball of light energy that travels at 10 m/s. Each shot cost 10 mp to create and can be shot twice per post and a total of 10 times a thread. If the shot hits it causes welts and deep bruising.
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Intifadas Sling 50,000
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