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 Sabertooth[Guild Info]

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Knux Shi

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PostSubject: Sabertooth[Guild Info]   Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:54 am

Guild Hall:

Bottom Level: Bar to serve drinks. Many tables and booths. Training room off the side. Many pillars and oriental styled arts.

Middle Levels: Quarters for anyone living in the guild. Storage room. First Aid Center. Many oriental paintings and suits of armor/weapons hanging.

Top Level: Guild Master Quarters/Office. Guild Master private training room.

Location: Balsam

Type: Legal Guild

Goals: Become the strongest guild.

Motto: "Strength, comes from will."

Description: Sabertooth is a guild of strength and loyalty. Combat is their passion, and becoming the strongest guild in Fiore, perhaps even all of Ishgar. Sabertooth is not as old as most guilds in Fiore, but it is vigorous and passionate about it's beliefs. Sabertooth mages fight to make themselves the strongest they can be, and the guild the strongest it can be. It is not a guild for those looking for only companionship, this is found in the guild, but it is mainly for becoming strong. The mages of this guild are constantly training, or due to their current guild master; partying. The guild holds it's honor in high esteem, and would never back down from a fight. Extravagance and grandeur describe the guild hall itself, and the stylistic preferences of those in the guild. The members get a lot quite well, aside from the constant fights that occur in the guild hall. Even with these fights, the guild is very close knit.  

Guild Master: Knuckles Shi-Current
Magic: Lightning Demon Slayer
Rank: S

Ace: None-Current


Old Guild Masters:

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Sabertooth[Guild Info]
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