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 Search and Destroy [D RANK]

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Ardere Kasai


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PostSubject: Search and Destroy [D RANK]   Fri Jul 31, 2015 1:13 pm

Name: Search and Destroy
Rank: D
Client: Corrupt Rune Knight Captain
Target:  Ms. Bunny
Reward: Reward: 1000 EXP & 3000J
Details: Ms. Bunny has seen some things she shouldn't have seen and we wan't you to take her out of the picture. Of course, you will be compensated for your actions. To complete this request we need you to kill her and destroy a letter. You may not read the letter, or you will be executed, just like Ms. Bunny. Now no need for things to go badly between us, just kill the woman and destroy the letter and any evidence you find. Someone else will come to clean up afterwards. Oh, before I forget. Rumor has it she has started using training her magic because she knows she will be hunted. She however, is a complete pushover. The problem is finding her. We now she is somewhere in Shirotsume Town, but we don't know anything else about her.

Ms. Bunny: D-rank: Darkness magic, can deliver D-rank damage, goes down after taking C-rank damage.

Credit to Alice

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Search and Destroy [D RANK]
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