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 Irelia Beauvelle

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PostSubject: Irelia Beauvelle    Sat Jul 04, 2015 4:41 am


"If you abandon the person that treated you like a princess... You might as well be an idiot."

Name: Irelia Beauvelle
Age: 21
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 6,0''
Weight: 120lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Guild: Blue Pegasus [Guild Master]
Rank: S
Face Claim: Asami Sato - Legend of Korra


Description: Irelia is a very simple woman: Honest, Cheerful and simply kind. She is one of those people that are sickeningly sweet with everyone and always hope not to hurt someone else's feelings, one of those people that are eternally happy and nothing seems to be capable of ruining their happiness, except the greatest of tragedies. Optimistic, she always sees the good in the world and always expects good results, which is the reason why most of the time she ends up dissapointed. Honest to the point it hurts, Irelia has never been, and never will be, as a matter of fact, capable of lying; not even hiding the truth from the others. Regardless if she wants to or not, she will end up telling the truth to anyone associated with it, even if it may hurt someone badly, even if someone breaks down upon hearing the truth. It isn't pretty; but necessary. A pretty lie that is discovered late deals more damage than the cruel truth that is discovered early.

When it comes to battle, however, Irelia is a beast, mostly when it comes to defending those she swore to protect, or, in other words, the Guildmembers of Blue Pegasus. Similar to how a mother would react when her child is in peril, Irelia is ready to give up her own life, to sacrifice herself, only in order to protect her dear, precious Guild Members from all danger. Fierce and unforgivable, in battle she leaves behind the sweetish personality of hers, and tries her best in order to protect hers, and to defeat the enemy, obviously. Being very prideful, she dislikes leaving a battle lost or with a tie, as it would seriously affect her pride, and cause her to break down, and consider herself useless.


  • Blue Pegasus: Irelia adores everything about the Guild she leads, and every single member that is a part of it. As if she was a mother, and the members her children, she sees all of them as flawless and would do anything to protect them from all harm, even if it costs her her very life.
  • Sweet Food: Irelia is obsessed with sweets. Be it ice-cream, gummy bears, chocolate, or whatever, she simply loves it and its sweet taste. Lucky her, regardless how much she eats, she never gets fat.
  • Children: Irelia loves children. Simply loves. Having grown up as the oldest child amongst many little brothers and sisters, Irelia has had to deal with her younger siblings in many ocassions, which has caused her to gain this sweet-ish personality and attitude of hers, and the unconditional love towards children, whom she finds absolutely adorable and lovely. So innocent, so pure, Irelia can't stand away from children.


  • Spicy food: The burning when you eat them. The horrid taste. Irelia simply hates spicy food, for the only reason that it burns her throat and tongue when eating it, and it tastes horrible in most ocassions. Only if it tasted good, it would be worth the burning feeling. But it doesn't.
  • Alcohol: Same as spicy food. When you attempt to drink alcohol for the first time, there is this horrid, burning feeling in one's throat as the liquid descends down it. Irelia hates that. Enough said. And to add to that: too much alcohol makes people act like fools. And Irelia is definetly not very fond on fools.
  • Liars: Irelia, being the honest person she is, and an absolute lover of the truth, simply despises liars. The damage a lie can do is abnormal, and much worse than the damage truth may inflict. Besides; lies create false illusions that may make people think something, and end up heartbroken once the truth is discovered. And Irelia finds that horrid.


  • To bring Blue Pegasus to the top: A cliché goal, but a goal regardless. Irelia wants to prove to everyone that the guild she leads is the best, that nobody can beat Blue Pegasus, that Blue Pegasus is supperior than anyone else.
  • To have a family: Another cliché goal. Irelia has always been obsessed with the idea of meeting the love of her life and having a pretty, normal family. Despite being barely 21, she seeks the man of her dreams and would be ready to carry a child without hesitating, only for the sake of having a family.
  • To be remembered: Irelia has always praised those men and women that are mentioned in history books as great heroes or supreme sovereigns. The sole idea of appearing in such a book, to be remembered by people, has always been incredibly appealing to Irelia, a concept she has always desired to come true for her.


  • Failing: Failing as a mother, Failing as a Guildmaster, failing as a wife, the sole thought of failing in any of those aspects terrifies Irelia more than anything else. She fears that, if she fails, her actions, her errors will bring great damage to others too, making it a domino-like effect: she falls first, and pushes down everyone after her.
  • Dying Alone: Irelia has always adored the idea of having a family. Of having someone near her that can protect her and love her, and having a small, precious child to call her "mom". Given that case, it is logical that Irelia fears dying alone, without a husband or child, of never having her biggest dream come true.
  • Death: Death. What comes after death? Does one reencarnate and live a new life as someone new? Or is that it, the end? Just eternal, pitch black? The idea of the unknown that follows death, of death itself terrifies Irelia to incredible extents.


Description: Irelia is a rather tall woman, with a slim, yet perfectly shaped body, yet having some decent curves at her chest and bottom, making her quite the attractive woman, one that most men would go after. Pale and soft skinned, Irelia seems to be the type of woman one can't look at just once, and then not look at her again. Silky, soft, straight brown locks fall on her shoulders and her back, reaching pretty much to her waist, always let down and neatly combed. Her face is classically beautiful: small nose and average lips, not too big, nor too small, with piercing, mesmerizing cat-like gass-green eyes, adorned by large eyelashes and small, perfect eyebrows.


Positive Traits[/size]

  • Acrobatic (+2): Your character can perform flashy moves such as back flips and cartwheels when avoiding.
  • Agile (+4): You may use this trait, once per thread, to dodge 1 C Rank spell (AoE excluded).
  • Athletic (+4): You are able to move at 6 m/s, deal D 1/2 Rank damage with physical attacks, and leap 10 meters in a single move.
  • Swift (+3): Your base movement speed is 7 m/s.

Positive: +13

Negative Traits

  • Allergies (-1): [Pollen] Your allergy must be stated in the application, and it must be something that has a chance of entering a role play (like pollen). When it comes into play, you suffer sneezing fits every post until it is removed, or you exit the thread.
  • Ambitious (-1): If an opportunity arises that grants you more power, you will overthrow friends and enemies alike. It must be yours.
  • Bipolar Mood Disorder (-3): You must bounce from one emotion to the next every three posts. From happy to sad, loving to hateful, etc.
  • Bruise Easily (-2): Whether you take blunt damage from a fall, punch, or spell it is always increased by 1 Rank. I.E. a D Rank blunt spell would inflict C Rank damage to you.
  • Clumsiness (-1): You're pretty clumsy. Once every five posts you must trip. If this post happens to be in combat, your spell completely misses it's target.
  • Colorblind (-2): You can't see colors, thus anything that requires deciphering of colors is impossible to you.
  • Compulsive Honesty (-2): As stated above, you are impossible of lying. Even if it's imperative that you do so, you cannot.
  • Curiosity (-1): You will always investigate things you find curious, even if it puts you in mortal danger. After all, nobody discovered anything by just standing around.

Negative: -13


Name: Maiden of Nature
Element: Plant/Nature
Description: Maiden of Nature is a Caster-type magic that basically revolves around the usage of plants and other nature-related things in order to cast spells with a variety of effects: healing, buffing, debuffing, offensive and defensive. This, added to the fact that the user can manipulate any nature elements surrounding her, makes this magic of great utility in all aspects. The user can use a spell revolving around healing herbs in order to produce a spell with healing effects. The user could use any plant that has remotely offensive parts, like the rose and its thorns, to produce offensive effects. The user could use any tree big enough to cause a shield to appear. In a few words: Maiden of Nature offers the user great versatilty and ways of usage, mostly considering that the user can mold everything related to nature to their will.

The main weaknesses of this magic are, however, fire and lighting, for the same reason, really. Fire can burn any plant to ashes, same with trees. And lightning: well, the immense heat emmited by lightnings can easily set plants on fire, triggering the same effect as mentioned above, or, in other words, the plants burning to ashes, rendering any spell related to them useless.

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Irelia Beauvelle
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