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 Ten no Toryōha

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Actessa Winglet


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PostSubject: Ten no Toryōha   Fri Jul 03, 2015 8:58 am

Name: Ten no Toryōha
Elemental Paint/Non-elemental
Close/Long-Range: Close
Weight: 3 pounds each
Length: 3.5 feet total, blade is 3 feet
Rank: C

Description: These twin blades are similar to cane swords, pictured above, as they are blades hidden within the hafts of longer objects, in this case, calligraphy style brushes. Stored on her back in an X formation, these swords may be drawn and used for combat as blades, or used for her magic as paint brushes. They can still be used for her magic as blades.

The way these blades aid in her magic is that while she can create the magical paint, she uses the movements of her brush swords to help move the paint to recreate the shape of the spell. This is more effective when she uses the brush end, but can still be done with the swords if she uses both blades, as opposed to one brush.

The blade brushes have a cartridge in them that Tessa fills every morning with some of her own magical paint. This allows her to strike with either the brush or blade and spread paint in accordance to its rank, similar to the water element, as depicted below.

Rank-to-Paint Ratio:
D - Leaves the area struck damp, about a four inch diameter area.
C - Leaves the area struck wet, about an eight inch diameter area.
B - Leaves the area struck soaked, about a foot and a half diameter area.
A - Leaves the area struck soaked, about a three foot diameter area.
S - Leaves the area around the struck area drenched, about a six foot diameter area.
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Ardere Kasai


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PostSubject: Re: Ten no Toryōha   Fri Jul 03, 2015 12:48 pm

Since this weapon is being treated similar to water, and we talked about it in staff, it's approved unless said otherwise.

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Ten no Toryōha
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